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About Us 
Hello~~ We are the guild Serene from IRO Valkrie. Our main goals are to enjoy RO and become a well respected social guild. We are extremely active/social/friendly. We do weekly endless tower runs for anyone who is 120+. Join Serene and Grow with us.

What We are Looking For:
-Friendly People
-Humble Players
-Any Level is good 70+ Trans Prefered
-Preferbly people from PST,CST,EST Time Zones

Guild Rules:
-No Begging.
-Be Respectful to all Players of RO.
-Be Cautious of who is around when using offensive language on guild,party,or public chat (Sexual,Abusive,Swearing)
-NO DRAMA on guild chat
-No Botting/Exploiting
-Be Mature
-Do Not Act Snotty and Show Manners

Guild Spot
Our guild spot is in West Prontera Field 05 by the benches and bed of flowers it is very relaxing to sit there after a long day of leveling we usually do have a lot of people who like to sit in the guild spot and just chat so feel free to visit us there if you are not sure about joining the guild.

Guild Events
  • Endless Tower-We do ET every saturdays, but we only bring 120+, We do plan to have more than 1-2 ET runs a Week maybe 2 going on at once
  • Dead Branching-In the PvP maps we summon a huge number of dead branches and kill them off as fast as possible
  • Player Vs. Player-We do have occasional fun in pvp rooms where we will go in and relax and do some fighting/test our strength
  • KvM Battle Grounds-Even though were Non-WoE we do hunt the battlegrounds geara and just have fun in KvM
  • MvP Summoner-Mostly for guild leveling and mvp loot we go to the mvp summoner and summon an mvp
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